“Come Here Buddy” is an expression used in order for our beloved pets to come closer to us. It’s this same approach that we build our identity with – friendly, universal and effective. 

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Get our Walk Set & Save $20

It comes with a soft, comfortable, dirt and odor resistant, easy to clean and high in durability leash and a light weight adjustable cushioned harness paired with our stylish dispenser with recycled waste bags.

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Lead your dog’s movements gently, safely, and stylishly with the Come Here Buddy Martingale Dog Collar. This is a type of collar that pairs the safety and a gentle tension of a traditional martingale collar with the comfort of an on-and-off fast-release buckle. 

The unique, dual-loop design prevents your dog from slipping out of it and course-corrects it by automatically adjusting to its movements—tightening when it gets wayward, and loosening when he is on the right path.

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Individually Packaged Dog Wipes.

Come Here Buddy Wipe and Go is with 100% safe formula and contains Ginseng Extract and Aloe Vera. Safe for your pet's paws and butts.

Bring your wipe and go everywhere and anywhere you need them.

"Dirt-free Paw Wherever You Go"

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